22 March 2008

Being In Your Element

She's in her element. Maybe you've heard that old phrase. It describes the phenomenon of being completely at home with something, surrounded by the familiar, using all of who you are, all of your strengths and skills.

When I'm writing, I'm in my element. Writing is as natural to me as breathing (maybe even more so, since I'm told I breathe backwards -- sucking in when inhaling. It's a girl thing.)

When I'm teaching and mentoring -- both of which I've done for decades -- I'm also in my element. Nothing is more satisfying than helping others gain new learning that provides practical skills and aha insights that make a real difference in their lives.

Basically, my element is communication. Using language effectively to problem-solve and create. Sometimes to provoke new perspectives. Shift old paradigms. Gain deeper insights.

So I'm passionate when I say that two essential factors of using communication skills -- in relationships, in personal growth, in professional achievement, and all of life, and especially in marketing -- are:

  • the need to find your voice, and
  • the magic of speaking from your shining spirit.

I'm on a mission to help you do both.

=~= Deah =~=