20 November 2008

Taglines Work!

Change We Can Believe In -- the tagline that won an historic election. Spa Services for the Overeducated and Underpaid -- read on a social networking website, buried in a comment made on someone else’s posted article, compelled me to check out the tagliner’s website.

Combined with the fact that I discovered her location is 3 minutes away, and that I’d been procrastinating about making an appointment for a facial for at least 2 months, I was hooked. I called for an appointment within 15 minutes of my first exposure to that tagline. You can’t get better results from your marketing than that.

What’s the lesson for others who are struggling to define their services in catchy one line phrases? Know your audience. Know how they see themselves, and what language they use to describe their experience, or the experience that they will pay money to get. Use that in all your marketing, but especially in your tagline.