11 June 2008

To Niche or Not To Niche -- this is the question

Therapists and other healing arts practitioners like to think of ourselves as generalists. We take pride is being well trained in a broad range of problems. Most of us provide a holistic, integrated approach to solving those problems. So why should we limit ourselves to working with just one type of person or issue?

This is a very common concern. But it misses the point. Marketing is about attracting the highest number of people you most want to serve. It's about presenting yourself as a specialist. And yes, we Are all better at some things, or with some people, than others. (We'll talk later about the prevalent reluctance to claim our power)

The generalist's concern is also misguided. It assumes that if we market to a niche that's all we'll get. But the reality is that by marketing to a very clear and specific niche and establishing yourself as a specialist, others will naturally assume you to be great at their problem, too.

Niche marketing in no way limits who you actually take as a client. It only makes more probable that your marketing will be compelling and will generate greater numbers of clients than the vague shotgun approach or the clinician credential-centered marketing attracts.

Niche? Absolutely!!

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Shama Hyder said...

Great post! Specialists are valued over generalists.