28 October 2008

Why Does Marketing Your Practice Make You Uncomfortable?

Recently I discovered a number of reasons that marketing makes therapists, life coaches and some solo practice doctors uncomfortable when they think of marketing themselves. Can you relate to any of these reasons?
  • we are insecure about our own expertise or depth of experience
  • we have old baggage about bragging about (promoting) ourselves
  • we have new baggage about giving promises of cure, or advising / manipulating decisions
Sounding familiar yet? Personal insecurity lies at the root of many business failures for solopreneurs in the healing arts. We have ingrained lack of confidence in ourselves, always second guessing what we know. And we have an inner critic telling us that it's being a show off to tout that we're good enough to help others heal their lives. We have to get over these discomforts.

What about these reasons:
  • we subconsiously fear getting too much business -- what if we can't handle it?
  • we subconsciously fear getting the wrong clients -- what if they are dangerous or litigious?
Might you be afraid of your own success? Could you be sabotaging yourself, in order to stay safely invisible? Are you running your business from an irrational fear-based place in your emotional reflexes?

If you see yourself in any of these key reasons why marketing makes healing arts solopreneurs uncomfortable, you might benefit from joining my free teleclass on the
Psychology of Marketing with Ease and Grace, Nov. 7th at 5 pm PST.

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