09 May 2009

Two Key Strategies to Attract & Keep Affluent Clients

Just listened to a tele-class hosted by Fabienne Frederickson and Kelly O'Neil -- two coaches doing fabulously well in this downturned economy by targeting affluent clients. Affluence is defined by them as people with household incomes of $85,000 and up.

One key they emphasized is really no different from marketing to anyone -- and that is, know who your client is, understand what they want, save them time and/or money in getting it, and position yourself as the credible expert for providing it.

In addition, though, the affluent in particular want to be treated as special and important to your business. So little gestures of client appreciation go a long way. Ideas for coaches, counselors and NDs about what those gestures can be include:

1. send birthday cards with hand written note -- to household members that are important to them, such as their kids, and even their pets!

2. send thank you gifts when they refer someone who ends up to be a client -- bottle of wine, gourmet goodie basket, anything extra nice, and make sure your logo is on it!

3. give exclusive access to you -- via a special cell phone number or email address reserved just for them.

4. follow up, check in, give extra attention -- make them feel special, cared about, and like you really want their ongoing business.

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Mike Miller, PhD said...

Interesting ideas! I'll give them some consideration. Would ecards be a distant second place?

Mike Miller, PhD