11 June 2009

What's Your Morning Marketing Routine?

Following up on yesterday's blog, I am wondering today what others do in their morning marketing routines. (No, I don't mean like jogging to the Starbucks -- although if you do that wearing a tee shirt with your business logo on it, that might count. LOL)

Like Dolly Parton, I tumbled outa bed and stumble to the kitchen, pour myself a cup of ambition....and then I turn on the computer and get to work. In an hour or less I have done all the following:

  1. glance at the news headlines on my start page -- reassure myself that the world is still out there
  2. check email for urgent notes from clients and friends / family, and skim through AlterNet.org e-news
  3. scan through / respond to new posts on forums for counselors and coaches, get ideas for blogging
  4. scan through Twitter, get more ideas for blogging, and respond to any Tweets from followers
  5. scan through Facebook and do some keeping in touch with colleagues
  6. blog or deal with the urgent emails
  7. check appointments for the day and my other projects task list
Since starting that routine I've generated 6 new clients. Of course, I have all the foundations in place -- like my websites -- and often on my project list is the designing, marketing or giving of a signature talk or the writing and sending of a email campaign. Those activities I do in the second hour of the workday, or later in the afternoon, depending on my client appointment schedule.

The systematic approach really works. What's yours?

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