06 July 2009

2 Marketing Tasks to Rethink, Redesign, and Relaunch

We're half way through the year ~ how's your marketing plan working? Time to take stock of how well it's serving you.

Marketing is a dynamic process. That is, it's always in motion (or should be). If you aren't adding new ways to reach and interest your potential clients in your services, you won't have a steady flow of income. It's not enough to order business cards, set up a website, post a profile, and wait by the phone.

Every marketing tool -- which is anything a client comes in contact with -- should be evaluated periodically and changed if it's not putting clients on your appointment schedule. Here are some essential taking stock coaching questions for you:

Rethinking Your Business Card
  • Does your card have a powerful, catchy, motivating tagline?
  • Are you using the backside for brief tips, questions, or a compelling call to action?
  • Do the colors coordinate with your website?
  • Is your photo or logo displayed?
  • Does it have your website or blog url, and your email address?
  • Have at least 5 people told you your card is a keeper?
  • Can a 10 year old tell you what your business is all about from looking at your card?
  • Is it time to redesign your business card?
Redesigning Your Website
  • How many sticky elements are on your home page?
  • Are you tracking where people come from to get to your site, and how long they stay to read?
  • Are graphics supportive or distracting? Do they reinforce your message?
  • Are you giving prospects a way to interact with or request content that they are desperate to have?
  • Does your content exude your personality, and generate trust?
  • Is your contact info on every page?
  • Is your photo prominently displayed on at least 2 pages?
  • Are you using the same tagline on your website as on your business card?
  • Does your content speak directly, simply, and emotionally to prospective clients?
  • Is your content 80% about the client's problems and want they want, and only 20% about you?
  • Have you written in the 1st person tense?
  • Is it time to do a major rewrite of your website?

Ready to kick your business up a notch? The fastest way to do that is to determine which marketing pieces you have in place are stale, inaccurate, and not performing for you, and to rethink, redesign and relaunch them.

And after that? Let's talk. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm currently redoing my business card and have all the elements to my satisfaction except this one:

"Are you using the backside for brief tips, questions, or a compelling call to action?"

I've been trying to come up with one compelling question or call to action, but it's tough! Would love to see a post about this.

Coach Deah said...

Hello Anonymous, if you have an online profile with questions, see if those can be modified to fit the space. Otherwise, pick one aspect of your ideal client's problem, and form a powerful question about it.

Need more coaching than that? See my website for package options.

Make it easy,
~ Deah