12 August 2009

What I Read So You Don't Have To

I'm a useful info junkie. I freely admit it. I spend half my marketing time learning from others, then "translating" that knowledge into direct, practical, easily implemented help for my clients.

One thing that becomes clear in doing this, is that there is a certain amount of advice that is universal when it comes to promoting a self-employed business in the healing arts, and a lot that will never pertain to us.

Here's a list of what I keep up with, so you don't have to:

Seth Godin's Blog
One of the best out of the box thinkers, author of Purple Cow, Meatball Sundae, and All Marketers Are Liars, among other brilliant works.

Milana Leshinsky's Coaching Millions
and the Milana founded Association of Coaching and Consulting Professionals on the Web (ACCPOW)
Smart, direct, common sense guidance that really works, especially for solopreneurs

David Frey's Small Business Marketing Best Practices
Lots of info for product sales / customer driven businesses, some of which is adaptable for the solopreneur in the healing arts.

Joan Stewart's Publicity Hound
Website and frequent ezine for those who want solid, creative ideas for getting attention in the media.

John Jantch's Duct Tape Marketing -- Book and Blog
Especially useful on generating word of mouth referrals from existing clients, but also great on explaining online technologies for non-techies

Rhonda Hess's Prosperous Coach blog
Very helpful resources and perspectives on building a solitary practice.

Robert Middleton's More Clients Blog/Action Plan Marketing
He gets the challenges, obstacles, mindset of the independent professional. Plus he's a Harry Potter fan, so that makes him a perfect match for me.

Fabienne Frederickson's Client Attraction blog and ezine
Starter ideas for conquering the mental obstacles to self-promotion.


More of a clearinghouse of women-written blogs on having your own business, but I especially like Bonnie Price's blog.

A solid, conventional source for understanding the basics of the marketing world, mostly geared for small businesses with more than one employee, but still useful information.

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Dania Dbaibo Darwish: said...

Thanks for the wealth of resources listed Deah. You forgot to mention the NoHype Marketing Mentor website :)