17 September 2009

17 Easy Ways to Gracefully Promote Your Website

Too often, counselors, coaches, and NDs have the impression that once their website is built and online, that's the end of that project.

Um, sorry. No, that would be like planning a party but never telling anyone when and where it is.

A skilled marketer is never really done with their website. Getting it online is when the real work starts. (Hated to tell you that, but it's the reality.)

So here are some easy ways to tell potential clients about the party. I mean, your website.

9 Easy Static (Do It & Forget It) Methods
  • list your url on your business card, brochures, fliers, direct mail campaign postcards, etc
  • add a signature block with a link to your website to every email you send
  • put your url on your letterhead, bills, invoices, etc
  • list your website with online directories
  • add your website to a web ring
  • put the url on promotional products like bookmarks or pens
  • add a url link from your blog to your website
  • get a hat or t-shirt made with your logo and domain name
  • put the url in every article your write, in the body or bio

8 Easy Active (But More Time Intensive) Methods
  • write a weekly or quarterly ezine, include the url in the header
  • write a daily or weekly blog, include the url on the sidebar
  • create an e-book, include the url in the footer
  • create an autoresponder series, include the url in the footer
  • Tweet daily about something on your website, include the url
  • send website update emails to subscribed prospects, with signature block url
  • seek out joint venture partners, add your products/services and url to their prospecting list
  • give a workshop, advertised in the classifieds with your url

1 comment:

Mike Miller, PhD said...

I'm doing many of these things. See all that I've learned in the last year or so? :-)

Mike Miller, PhD