21 September 2009

3 of the Best Freebies to Give to Get More Clients

People like free stuff. Most of us especially like free stuff that is useful in solving a problem. Giving away free stuff is an excellent marketing strategy (plus it's a good spiritual practice to be of service).

Here are the most successful freebies I've used, gotten, or heard about.

EFT Points on the Back of a Laminated Business Card

What a great use of normally wasted space. I got that card 4 years ago and still carry it around. I remember the clinician who gave it to me -- if we lived in the same city, I'd be her client.

I adapted that idea for my Emotional First Aid business card by putting a 4 step process on the back for breathing through a panic attack. Then I put a 4 step process on the back of my Stress-Less Counseling card that taught how to use the flower essence product Rescue Remedy. I still get calls from people who've picked up those cards, used the steps, and want more help.

Is the back of your business card working for you?

Bookmarks as Self-Screening or Self-Accountability Tools

There's more space than you might imagine on a bookmark. One of my favorites has a direct and specific question at the top, a picture of the ND, his email and phone number underneath, and the therapeutic order listed on the front side. On the back are common signs and symptoms of allergies, and self screening questions like: is your diet mostly wheat, sugar, dairy or eggs ? are you spending more time in the woods lately? have you gotten a new pet? etc. The bookmark ends with a call to action: If so, and your symptoms are driving you nuts, naturopathic medicine can help. Call today.

When I had a booth at a health fair and wanted to promote my work as an astrologer, I followed that example. My bookmarks listed key tips for getting along with each Sun sign, and the back gave tips on surviving Mercury Retrograde, which we were currently in.

Are you ideal clients avid readers? What could your bookmarks include?

Special Reports Available by Email from your Website

People love service professionals who are generous with their expertise. I have a whole page called Free Stuff on one of my sites with three special reports (Shame, Stress, and Grief). Each one is available for the asking. A request link opens a new email in the visitor's own system, and fills in the subject line with which report they want. All they have to do is click send. I respond with the attachment, and a very brief personal note.

And I keep the email address. Once someone has emailed you for information, you can legally send them more info without a specific request. Use this privilege wisely, and you'll develop the relationship that converts a requester into a client.

What could you provide as a special report to prospective clients?

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1 comment:

Dania Dbaibo Darwish: said...

Great ideas Deah!
I always thought I'd be offering my clients (in face-to-face coaching) a free agenda (with my logo & stuff) to organize their goal setting, document their progress, etc....

I think it will be a nice gesture. It's on top of my list once I fully launch my practice :)