19 November 2009

5 Great Cyber-Resouces

In our professional training we all learned to seek out the newest peer-reviewed research, or the classic well-referenced textbook when needing to learn a new technique or gain deeper knowledge about a particular problem.

As business owners we need to rely on information from others as well, even though we have less time for self-education. Here are some of the most reliable, knowledgeable, easy to read source of info on running and marketing a private practice that I turn to all the time.

Chris Brogan for new media marketing

Ronnie Noize for her Top 10 (Easy) Ways to Ask for the Business

CJ Hayden's practical tips to Get Clients Now! (tm)

Rhonda Hess's excellent blog Prosperous Coach

Janet Slack's tweets point to great tools

Who do you keep in your cyber-library of resources to consult when you're stuck on a business management and marketing problem? I'd love to hear about your resources.

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