08 January 2010

Do You Have My Mother Too?

My 90 year old mother is conditioned by her life experience of living through the Great Depression, and by her religious views, to expect the worst. She lives in fear and pessimism.

So I'm not a natural optimist. Fear of doing the wrong thing, of making shaky or bad situations worse, is more often than not the pot that percolates in the back of my mind.

And I'm here to tell ya -- it's hard to run a business that way. Seems common sense, doesn't it? I'm surprised by how many of my clients have the same mother.

Where I strive to live, and help others dwell, is in the knowing that if you can avoid making choices from a position of fear and desperation, that's always best. Fear based decisions usually trap us in what we don't want and keep us from moving forward to achieve what we do want.

Now sometimes I think we get handed what looks like "sensible" solutions or opportunities as a kind of test of our intention to make the changes we've said we want to make. For example, between Dec 15 and Jan 4 I got multiple requests to do astrology readings (something I used to do as a sideline business).

I had made the decision to not be in that business any more. But here were those opportunities. Much as the extra income would have been nice, I turned them down because I recognized the requests as a test of my resolve to not live in fear of rejecting income opportunities, and to not scatter my focus from my primary business.

So, my bias is -- We have to insist on allowing the universe to support us in the intentions that we put out there, and not confuse the law of attraction energetic dynamic by sending mixed messages (as in, I don't know what I want so I'll do anything I'm sent to do).

Coaching question:
What are you insisting on allowing the universe to support you in this year? If you believed the universe is there to support you in achieving your clearly and specifically stated goals, what could you accomplish this week?

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