26 January 2009

Let's Get Real

Solid client attraction marketing is not a quick fix. The field of dreams website mindset -- if you build it, they will come -- is a myth. Despite the hype from many internet gurus, there is no magic wand to wave that will turn a lack of clients into a prosperous abundance overnight.

Let's get real -- Marketing is a continual process. There are many steps to success, many pieces that must be well crafted and put into (the right) place, before most self-employed service providers have not only a full client load but also a waiting list.

And then, you have to keep marketing to keep that stream flowing. Marketing isn't something you can do for a few months, and then sit back and wait for something to happen. Or worse, it isn't something you can stop when clients start ringing your phone off the hook.

Attracting clients requires daily effort. It requires focused purpose, clear strategy, compelling language. In other words, it requires some planning, and a lot of follow through. And then it requires some evaluation, and re-planning.

What's your marketing plan? What marketing efforts have you accomplished today? How's it working for you? What will you change, based on the results you're currently getting?

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