23 January 2009

Desperation Tactics are Counterproductive

A lot of coaches, counselors and independent NDs are feeling pretty desperate for clients these days. Some have already closed their practices, or have taken part time jobs outside their professional field. Others are scrambling around to find creative new ways to offer their services.

Desperation tactics such as drastically lowering or sliding your fees below your bottom line costs, or cutting your marketing expenses are counterproductive to attracting clients in this economic climate.

Instead, this is the time to reconsider your ideal client concept:
  • is it a viable market right now?
  • how have their problems or suffering shifted?
  • what are they desperate to eliminate and willing to pay you to help them get rid of?

How do you need to change your marketing message to connect with those clients right now?

People just don't hire helpers who project a vibe of being as desperate as the client. Are you aware of the emotional energy you are sending out in your marketing and networking efforts? Does it exude compassion and confidence?

If not, it's time to look for what you CAN feel 100% confident about, in terms of promoting your services. Some strategic thinking about varying the ways in which you offer services, and having different price points -- including giving away more information for free -- can give you a well diversified client attraction plan that will work better than shutting down out of fear.

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