23 June 2009

Change and Consistency

The topics of change and the value of consistency have been "up" for me lately. Events in multiple areas of my life and work are prompting me to think about when change is good, when it might not be, and how can I be consistent during a transition process, and consistent with what. After going through many changes in my professional life through the decades, here's how I'd currently coach my clients on these issues.

Major change is your business is good when it:

  • starts from the identification and assessment of a specific problem that can't be easily fixed without major change
  • involves all stakeholders in the assessment and solution-generating process, including clients
  • develops a solution path that leads to a better way to consistently serve your vision and values
  • crafts a strategic implementation plan with well described action steps
  • puts in charge the players (or parts of your solopreneur psyche) who thrive on taking risks
  • gains emotional investment and accountability commitment from key players and supporters (parts of the solo-psyche)
  • assesses impacts and progress during transition openly by collecting and evaluating feedback
  • adjusts action plans based on feedback, or weighs the costs of not adjusting and provides rationale for those choices
If you are thinking of taking the next leap with your business, major change is likely to be required. Coaching questions you may want to think through would include:
  1. Have you completely assessed the problem you want to solve, involved stakeholders, and developed a strategic plan?
  2. Do you know where objections and obstacles to change will come from?
  3. How can you be ready for that?
  4. Where's your personal emotional investment and level of consistent accountability?
  5. How will you measure progress and impact?

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Iris Arenson-Fuller said...

Will you post this very relevant stuff on the ICA board, Deah?