19 August 2009

Following Expert Advice May Be Harmful to Your Business


Perhaps I need to clarify that headline.

Trying out the advice of too many experts at once, without actually following through on any one process or system, will likely be harmful to your bottom line.

As valuable as the advice from different sources no doubt can be, employing a smorgasbord approach to your marketing -- sampling a little of this and a taking a tiny bite of that -- without setting SMART goals and following a coherent plan in a daily, dedicated manner, is not only time consuming, expensive, and effortful for you, but potentially confusing for your target market.

Every client attraction coaching program, teleclass, self-help book, membership club, or home system is going to offer the same basic information for making your services more visible and desirable. The packaging may be different, but the nuts and bolts are the same. Hey, even rocket science and brain surgery have set formulas. You tinker with those protocols at your peril.

What makes you successful in marketing your practice is accountability to your own intentions. Plain and simple. Your clear-mindedness and a persistent, determined, daily pursuit of what works best for getting clients in your door are the most important qualities necessary to start doing really well, as opposed to just scraping by.

Now figuring out what you need to do, and how to do it -- well, stick around. That's what I'm here for. :)

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