12 September 2009

4 Web Techie Tools Even I Can Use

I keep saying I'm not a techie. But it's true that after some 10 years or so of doing web-presence marketing, I have learned a few things.

Here are 4 techie tools I use and recommend because they are supremely easy, free or really cheap, and have high benefit even if you are still figuring out your first website.

www.Constant Contact.com

A broadcast email marketing service.
  • 60 day free trial
  • Then only $15 for up to 500 names on your email list(s)
  • You can have as many lists as you want
  • Send as many emails a month, week or day as you want
  • Plenty of design templates are attractive and customizable
  • Includes ability to have one autoresponder option that sends up to 5 pre-set email installments when triggered

Online free html tutorials.
Scroll down past all the junk on this site to the links for the tutorials. I'm totally intimidated by the thought of computer programming, but his instructions are very clear.
  • Really really easy to understand
  • Instructions for making text bold or italic
  • Creating a bullet list, and many other basic html code features
  • Make your web-presence stand out even more
  • Examples of what to do and what happens

Free membership gives lots of very cool features to add to websites and blogs.
Listen, if I can do these things, you can too. Bravenet makes it easy.
  • Poll widgets
  • Email forms
  • Speaking avatars with your recorded voice
  • Message forum tool you can use to add a discussion board to your website
  • More spiffy tools available from Bravenet with paid membership upgrades
  • You can use the free stuff forever

Free membership to see how much site traffic you're getting and where it's coming from.
  • Track the most recent 500 hits to your websites and blogs
  • Multiple "projects" lets you track many different sites you own
  • Shows what country visitors came from
  • Gives what pages they looked at, how long they stayed on your site, and more.
  • You can pay to see more than the most recent 500 hits
  • Old hits are replaced by new ones, so most of us don't really need that paid feature

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