27 September 2009

9 Turn Offs About Our Websites

Does your website suffer from any of these client turn offs?

1. Pop ups that block what they're trying to read in order to pry their email address from them or goad them into buying something.

2. Flash graphic intro pages that look cool but provide no information, and load very slowly.

3. Music or audio greetings that automatically start when arriving at the website -- too startling or creepy.

4. Pages that are too busy with too many graphics, different fonts, different sizes, different colors, things that flash or move and distract and compete so they don't know where to look first, and start feeling motion sickness.

5. Sites that require too much reading to figure out if you're the person they are looking for, or to find what they want -- usually because there are no paragraph breaks, bullet points, subheads, or questions addressed to them.

6. Sites that don't have enough information -- nothing that's quickly helpful, or relevant to their immediate need.

7. Sites that don't work properly -- broken links especially on navigation bar, forms don't download, have to scroll left to right to read the page, sound on video is barely audible,

8. Have to hunt for phone number or email link, making obstacles to contacting for appointment.

9. Sites that don't seem to have anything to do with the locator directory link they just used to get to your site.

Did you find something in this list that is keeping prospective clients from staying on your website long enough to know what an incredible person you are?

Is your website working against you? Time for a web-presence critique? I'd like to help.

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