12 December 2009

Business Housekeeping Countdown

Got some extra time on your calendar in the second half of this month due to holiday slow down? Great!

This is the perfect time for a little business housekeeping. You know, taking care of all those little things you haven't made time for because you've been too busy marketing your practice and serving your clients, like:
  • updating your website, making sure all your links and buttons work
  • formalizing new service packages and policies
  • cancelling online accounts that aren't producing
  • cleaning out your data base of prospects who never buy, attend or hire
  • deleting all those guru ezines you've intended to read and never have
I don't know about you, but that could keep me busy for 2-3 weeks.

Not much fun, though. So, what about balancing the housekeeping with some other business development tasks that you may not have taken time for either, such as:
  • creating a vision board for achievements you want to accomplish within 5 years
  • hosting a spontaneous, informal celebration lunch with colleagues to toast the 2009 successes
  • shopping for a new item that contributes to business efficiency or reach
  • seeking out a group to join in January that will be part business learning, part social, part accountability keeping
  • finding teleclasses to take to improve marketing skills
While it's tempting to blow off work entirely over the holiday slow down, a little housekeeping and a little forward thinking can be better for giving your practice an energized start for the New Year.

So what will you tackle today, next week, and before Dec 31?

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