04 January 2010

New Decade, Fresh Start -- how will you use it?

I'm excited about the dawn of 2010 -- are you? There's something significant about completing the first decade of this millennium and century. Have you taken a moment in this waning week to realize the many positive changes and achievements you have accomplished in the last 10 years?

Before moving forward with new hopes and plans, it's good to review:

1. In what area(s) of life did you have high satisfaction?
2. When were you most surprised, challenged, and delighted?
3. Where did you get support you didn't expect?
4. How have you integrated lessons learned, and celebrated growth?

Then, it's good to look forward with a sense of purpose and a little extra boldness:
  • What do you envision for self, relationships, business, or community improvement for this new year?
  • What do you need to empower your efforts in bringing such improvement into being?
  • How will you engage your time, attention, inner resources, and commitment in service to your vision?

Remember, it matters little where you've been; it matters a lot where you're going.

Coaching Questions:

  • How will you be using your fresh start this year?
  • What would make this year absolutely perfect for you?
  • If you were 10 times bolder, what risks would you take?
  • Are you holding yourself as accountable as you could to make of your business, health, relationships, or life as much as you can?
  • If not, what's stopping you?

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