02 January 2009

No Hype Tip #2 for Marketing Your Practice in 2009

Tip #2 -- Diversify Your Delivery

What I mean is: Start thinking outside the box. You have a rich skill set. How many different ways can you use it?

For example for those of you who are therapists -- your skills in diagnosis lend to more than just assigning a DSM code to a superbill. With knowledge of diagnoses, you can:
  • write a tip sheet to give to a referral source to help their clients contact you
  • write a 2 page special report to offer free in exchange for email addresses
  • write a self-help ebook to sell on your website
  • develop an audio to post on your website
  • organize a support group around a specific diagnosis
  • develop a signature talk to offer to groups
Your knowledge of diagnoses can be delivered in at least these 6 ways.

For those of you who are naturopathic doctors or coaches -- what skills do you have that you can package and deliver in a different way than one on one work with patients / clients?

Bonus coaching suggestion: List your skill set. Then pick one topic from it and brainstorm as many ideas as possible to diversify the delivery of your knowledge.

As always, trust your mindbodyspirit to resonate with what's right for you.

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